Get a Draftback on Your Life!

Teachers! Lend me your ears — well eyes — the app draftback is a pretty interesting tool for looking at files in Google Drive. It allows the owner or people who have access to the document and see every single revision done to it, since the document was created in a video that you can thankfully adjust the speed setting to. There is also an option to see a graph of revisions and its correlation to the documents length.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 at 9.17.51 AM

Generally speaking draftback is for mostly teachers and professors that want to see whether or not a student has either cheated, or just copied and pasted some work from another person without citing them. However, it can also be used as a way to show students where they get stuck on a paper, or where their trouble areas are. So it’s both for constructive criticisms, and calling out the students that don’t do their own work which is pretty useful. How do you do it? You may ask, well it’s pretty simple, I’ll show you in the video below.


Why do Java programmers wear glasses? They can’t C# (see sharp).

Hello all! For the past week or so my protege, Michael, and I have been working on an Arduino project on instructables. For the most part we have been dealing with programming and wiring up LEDs to a breadboard, which was honestly pretty cool. Working with hardware is just so great, and it’s what I love doing. However Michael and I asked Mr. Reed to do a different thing for lesson 4 of the Arduino project, so instead we will be making a cool LCD screen with who’s at the CTS Desk during which period. Right now it’s not totally finished, we just have to fix a wiring problem, 3D print a holder for it, and it should be up and running.


Throughout the course was a lot of vocabulary dealing with electricity, and programming. The course goes over soldering which is essentially melting solder with a soldering iron to connect wires to whatever they need connected to. However, we didn’t need to solder because we have solderless wires and breadboard.  A lot of the programming side of things dealt a lot with C which is a programming language. C is pretty straight forward the only annoying thing is that after every line of code, you have to put a semi-colon, aside from that it’s a pretty awesome language.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project with Michael, we had a fair amount of fun while learning. We also can’t wait to get the LCD screen up and running. Until next time! This is the Cane Tech Squadian signing off!

Help Me Solve your EDpuzzle

EDpuzzle is this very teacher oriented app, what it does is takes a video from a public domain, (YouTube, TED Talks, National Geographic, etc.) and enables the teacher to cut, add verbal notes, or just text notes, as well as adding a quiz to the end of the video. It’s a really fun and interesting application to use in the classroom. It has some very useful features especially as it can be linked to google classroom. Similar to classroom EDpuzzle will send you a code to get into the assigned class. There other features as well, but I’ll go over in the video.


Get Your Promevo On!

Recently the CTS Desk (all fourteen of us) took a virtual field trip (or a hangouts call) to a company called Promevo. Promevo is currently partnered with Google, they essentially make a lot of apps and extensions as well as tech support. They work with a lot of companies from Uber, to Pinterest, to the Dollar Shave Club. They do a lot of educational partnerships as well including Miami University here in Ohio, as well as University of Kentucky. Continuing with the idea of education, their most popular extension is gScholar which we all have, in case you didn’t notice.

Promevo-to the cloud Logo.png

For the majority of the field trip Brandon, Nate, and Ashton were talking about what they do, more into the I.T. field as well as programming. It has given me a general idea of what to expect with the career of I.T. that I want to get into. With them giving vivid ideas of what they do everyday, I can say that I’m more confident in my choice of career. I’m excited to see where my future takes me in my career for working in I.T. and some programming.

Come One, Come All, to the Greatest MakerFaire of Them All!

May 20, 2017 the CTS Help Desk will be taking a field trip to the MakerFaire in Clinton County. Which most or all of us will be showing off our final 20% Time projects off to the fellow attendees, as well as look at others, which I’m relatively excited about. It’s a really good way to expose us to other makers and give us ideas on what we could possibly next year. We’re getting some exposure to the DIY (Do It Yourself) community as well, which is really cool and I’m looking forward to being blown away.


So I’m still not entirely finished with my 20% time project, however, I’m making some progress with the coding and figuring out how to do things with the Raspberry Pi, it started off easy and gradually got a little more complicated as I went. I’m still looking forward to the field trip. Fingers crossed I’m finished by the time of the field trip.

It’s Pi Time!

So recently everyone that started on their 20% time needed materials, and so they have arrived, or most of them at least. So I have been doing a lot of reading in my instructables course and it’s somewhat of a lot to take in. There’s a lot of new programming lingo with Python and the Linux Operating System which is a given. Still Python is relatively straight forward with super simple aspects. I also see why PC gamers like Linux so much it’s really well crafted and not hard to get behind.


The course itself is actually a lot of reading , which I wasn’t necessarily expecting with all the Treehouse things that we do. I’m looking forward to the more hands-on part of the course that I’m starting. I am relatively sure that I have everything on the list of required items from the previous blog.

The big things that I’ve learned is that Python, as I said before, is really simple (also it was named after Monty Python), Linux is a wonderful OS. There are some very interesting lingo in Python with seeing which user is using the Raspberry Pi, check the time, among other things.

So I’m beyond excited about about starting to work on the photo booth and more excited to see the finished product. I’ll keep everyone updated!