Make a Dream from your Maker Space!

In a few weeks the Cane Tech Squad will be taking a field trip to the Spark Place Maker Space in Xenia. Which is pretty exciting! At the maker space we’re going to they have a bunch of really cool things I’d love to just tinker with for a day or so. They have a laser cutter, laser engraver, a vinyl cutter, vinyl printer, CNC router, 3D printers, sewing, and embroidering. However; I can only pick on thing to do for the time that we’re there (I’ll probably go back some day), so I’m leaning towards using the vinyl printer. I just need to think of a design.

You may be wondering “what is a maker space?” Well, a maker space is a place you can go to express your creativity with a dash of technology. In case you didn’t know there’s actually a maker space in the Co|Lab in the library. We have Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos, three 3D printers (one is down for maintenance for the time being, and another is not fully built), among other things to use at your disposal. Assuming you have Mr. Reed’s permission of course. Being a part of the CTS does have its perks with using the maker space, we all get to use and and make little projects for ourselves if we want to. We actually use the 3D printers a lot both for personal reasons, and for the actual CTS Desk, for instance Michael and I worked on an LCD screen that works as a display for who’s on shift.

All in all I’m really pumped to visit in Spark Place Maker Space in a few weeks, and come up with a design. Until next time, this is your Cane Tech Squadian Signing off.


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