About Me

IMG_2019Hey there! My name is Aaron Osborn, I am part of the Cane Tech Squad at Wilmington High School. I am currently a senior and this is my second year doing the chromebook help desk and I am very eager to get back into the CTS groove. So come see me during third period while I’m on shift for all your chrome book needs (or after school, I’m here until three)! I am in my wheelhouse with Mac, Windows, and now Chrome! Also my colleagues that do the help desk with me are super awesome!

Anyways, I am 18 years old and I moved here from Clinton-Massie my sophomore year and I am liking it here a lot more than I had originally expected. Unfortunately this is my final year in WHS. I have an interest in computers, and just technology in general I have been thinking about starting a career in I.T. or Computer Engineering. I love what I do in there with a passion, I can’t wait to help you all out with your chromebooks.