Pi Will Take Up 20% (or more) of My Time.

So being part of the Cane Tech Squad we have opportunities to tinker with various things of our choice. I have decided to do a project with Raspberry Pi which is basically a small computer that you can do almost everything in. The project I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, or even months, is building a photo booth that uses a programmed raspberry pi.

I chose this mostly because I think it’s a very cool idea, and photo booths are really cool. I would also have to learn a coding language called python which is a very basic and easy to learn language. Which I am very excited to learn. I do have some experiences with Raspberry Pi’s at Clinton-Massie, my friends and I attempted to build a super computer out of them during robotics club.

I am honestly very excited and eager to start this project, I’m sure I’ll keep everyone in the know with my 20% Time. If you want to learn more about the Raspberry Pi click here


Materials: Raspberry Pi 3, 8 GB SD card, USB keyboard and mouse, HDMI screen, HDMI cable, Raspberry Pi camera module, 5V 2.5A power supply, Wire cutters, Wire strippers, Solderless board, 10 mm LED’s, 220 ohm resisters, Stranded ribbon wire, Various jumper wires, Large push button, Coincell battery holder, Small phillips head screwdriver, Photo set pieces and props.


4 thoughts on “Pi Will Take Up 20% (or more) of My Time.

  1. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that there are more than one type of Raspberry Pis, if not for my previous experiences in this class. This topic sounds overall interesting. Also, I love how you actually tried to build a super computer with them!


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