Why do Java programmers wear glasses? They can’t C# (see sharp).

Hello all! For the past week or so my protege, Michael, and I have been working on an Arduino project on instructables. For the most part we have been dealing with programming and wiring up LEDs to a breadboard, which was honestly pretty cool. Working with hardware is just so great, and it’s what I love doing. However Michael and I asked Mr. Reed to do a different thing for lesson 4 of the Arduino project, so instead we will be making a cool LCD screen with who’s at the CTS Desk during which period. Right now it’s not totally finished, we just have to fix a wiring problem, 3D print a holder for it, and it should be up and running.


Throughout the course was a lot of vocabulary dealing with electricity, and programming. The course goes over soldering which is essentially melting solder with a soldering iron to connect wires to whatever they need connected to. However, we didn’t need to solder because we have solderless wires and breadboard.  A lot of the programming side of things dealt a lot with C which is a programming language. C is pretty straight forward the only annoying thing is that after every line of code, you have to put a semi-colon, aside from that it’s a pretty awesome language.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project with Michael, we had a fair amount of fun while learning. We also can’t wait to get the LCD screen up and running. Until next time! This is the Cane Tech Squadian signing off!


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