Maker Space, Printer Space

Last week the Cane Tech Squad took it’s first ever field trip to the Spark Place Maker Space in the Greene County Library. It was a ton of fun, and we learned some pretty useful things. The way we went about doing our individual projects was that we split up into first year and second year students. Second year students went into a conference room and we learned how to use Raspberry Pi’s which I talked about last year, and did a project with. As the first year students went and did their own thing, we set up the Raspberry Pi’s and made a rock, paper, scissors game program. Which was pretty awesome, and I thought it was a good excuse to learn more Python, which is a programming language that really straight forward, and easy to use.


For the second half the first and second year students switched, and for my project I got to use the vinyl printer/cutter. I printed a really cool Star Wars poster, and what we had to do was take the .jpg file and convert it to a PDF and edit it any further in Photoshop, then we just plugged it in to the computer attached to the printer and they printed it for us. It was honestly a really cool and satisfying to watch my poster print. There was also a good sense of accomplishment and pride in my work.




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