Get Your Promevo On!

Recently the CTS Desk (all fourteen of us) took a virtual field trip (or a hangouts call) to a company called Promevo. Promevo is currently partnered with Google, they essentially make a lot of apps and extensions as well as tech support. They work with a lot of companies from Uber, to Pinterest, to the Dollar Shave Club. They do a lot of educational partnerships as well including Miami University here in Ohio, as well as University of Kentucky. Continuing with the idea of education, their most popular extension is gScholar which we all have, in case you didn’t notice.

Promevo-to the cloud Logo.png

For the majority of the field trip Brandon, Nate, and Ashton were talking about what they do, more into the I.T. field as well as programming. It has given me a general idea of what to expect with the career of I.T. that I want to get into. With them giving vivid ideas of what they do everyday, I can say that I’m more confident in my choice of career. I’m excited to see where my future takes me in my career for working in I.T. and some programming.


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