Move Over Algebra, It’s GADS Time

For the past few weeks the CTS interns have been doing a new type of assignment that was created by Google. The series of activities we did is called GADS (Google Applied Digital Skills), and it is very focused on how to use various things in Google Drive especially spreadsheets. Throughout the course we looked at a fair amount of code (a lot more than I expected), and actually giving functions in spreadsheets which was actually pretty cool. Google made spreadsheets look a lot easier to program than I was expecting.

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 10.49.58 AM.png

I have been working on various spreadsheets to do various things, from car payments to spring break trips, to living in Seattle. There were a lot of functions to learn, and they were very useful. I think a lot of the code, programing, and functions will be used in my life outside of high school when I’m on my own. I actually enjoyed learning how to do things in spreadsheets since it’s kind of newish to me.

Here are the spreadsheets I’ve been working on for the past few weeks:

  • Area Guide –
  • Product Comparison –
  • Housing Options –
  • Checking Account –
  • Loan Amount –
  • Spring Break –

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