It’s Pi Time!

So recently everyone that started on their 20% time needed materials, and so they have arrived, or most of them at least. So I have been doing a lot of reading in my instructables course and it’s somewhat of a lot to take in. There’s a lot of new programming lingo with Python and the Linux Operating System which is a given. Still Python is relatively straight forward with super simple aspects. I also see why PC gamers like Linux so much it’s really well crafted and not hard to get behind.


The course itself is actually a lot of reading , which I wasn’t necessarily expecting with all the Treehouse things that we do. I’m looking forward to the more hands-on part of the course that I’m starting. I am relatively sure that I have everything on the list of required items from the previous blog.

The big things that I’ve learned is that Python, as I said before, is really simple (also it was named after Monty Python), Linux is a wonderful OS. There are some very interesting lingo in Python with seeing which user is using the Raspberry Pi, check the time, among other things.

So I’m beyond excited about about starting to work on the photo booth and more excited to see the finished product. I’ll keep everyone updated!


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