St. Paddy’s Day Testing

It’s that time of year again, time for students to stress out, lose sleep, and hope not to vomit. I’m referring to the standardized testing going on during this majority of this week and the make-ups, and other tests that have yet to come. A large part of taking toward the 1:1 initiative in high school would most definitely have us use our chromebooks for high stakes testing. Which is generally a good move, considering that each student has their own chromebook so there is no worry about distributing carts here anymore.

Being part of the CTS desk during testing is an interesting experience. If someone forgets to charge their chromebook, which happens quite often, then we issue them a loaner until two periods later. With testing in play we have to conserve loaners for the kids that need them for testing. Which wasn’t that many, and it’s great. What’s so weird about it is that I actually deny people loaners since they weren’t testing, that is something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s nice considering that we have more loaners in the tech office than usual.

So for Wilmington High School’s first year of 1:1 testing, it went went well with no issue, and as far as this week goes it’s been a breeze. I’m finished with my assigned work, and I am currently waiting for my supplies for my 20% time to get here.


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