Plymouth Rock. The Newest Age of Rock.

This whopping two day week this week was actually pretty busy for us in the CTS. Though turkey day is around the corner we never really quit doing what we do. For instance my period, sixth, did a video call with the Apprenticeship Manager from a development company called Gaslight. I posted the video in my last post, so check it out!

Honestly it was a very interesting experience, and I’m eager to do it again in the near future. I.T., programming, and computer sciences are all very likely careers for me. I would really enjoy exploring them further with people that are actually in the field. I can’t wait for the next time I’m able to do this and when I’m able to set up a video call.

Aside from the video call we have also been doing a lot of work in Treehouse for Ruby. Ruby is getting a bit easier to digest, which is good. Next week we will be doing Ruby Loops, that’s a short and sweet section which will be nice.

From me and everyone else at the Cane Tech Squad – Have a great Thanksgiving, and a wonderful break. We’ll be looking forward to fixing any issues you guys have!


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