Don’t use that kind of Google Tone with me!

So there’s this awesome little new extension on chrome called Google Tone! It’s really cool and I think some teachers may find it to be quite useful for keeping their students on task, or just giving them a quick way to get to a page. What google tone does is it sends out a sound from your speakers (Volume should be turned up) and any chromebook within ear shot (or should I say mic shot) will get a pop up notification with the URL of the page you’re on. They can click on the notification and they can be taken to whatever URL you sent to them. It’s a really handy tool! Mr. Reed discovered it during technology club a few weeks ago as we were finishing the 3-D printer, and we spent a fair amount of time just testing it out.


Furthermore, I would imagine you teachers have concerns of students using the app extension inappropriately. Well have no fear! You can always see who sent out what URL as the notification pops up, and the microphones on these chromebooks have a good listening distance. If you utilize your chromebooks a lot in the classroom Google Tone may be a step in the right direction! With anything there will be some drawbacks. To me the biggest one is the sound, it gets some what annoying if it’s over used. Also one of my bigger concerns is seeing how it handles taking in a plethora of URLs and dealing with all the pop up notifications, not that any one would overload students with URLs. Right?


All in all, I would really think Google Tone it a very useful extension especially for school. Even more so for the teachers that have their students go to a million different websites in a class period, or if you just found a good site to study on, or if there’s a student that’s having issues finding the page.


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