It’s time to d-d-d-d-di-dii-diigo!

Diigo is honestly a very remarkable app, considering how basic the use of it is. Diigo is a chrome extension that allows a person to highlight text and annotate as they read through well… anything (literally anything even PDFs). Diigo is really useful, especially for the English classes that do a lot of analytical work with passages. It would help immensely with the conservation of paper.


How diigo works is first you install it (that’s a given) sign up for free and once you’re at a page just highlight the text and a prompt should come up to let you just annotate away. The biggest downside is that the annotations are only visible by that person. However; there are some really amazing ways to annotate. You can annotate entire screenshots, PDF files, any article, and even bookmark the page you annotated. Also Every annotation made is saved, and kept until deleted. diigo.jpg


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