I.T. Exam (Proposal)

Recently we have been given a fair grant of $200,000 that is all to go to technology. In the best interest of the students, teachers, and even more so the future; it would be in our greatest of interests transition to a 1:1 program. Though there has been a recent survey that concludes that a fair amount of students don’t even use their computers at home, others don’t have internet. One could think of a quick simple solution that would help enable those students, an offline mode. Many of which can use google drive without internet and their progress on papers will be saved. In terms of cost, the district could have the students pay a “tech fee” every year eventually the board will have a decision to recycle the 1:1 devices or will them off to the graduating students since they have payed so much already for them. If the district were to buy the HP Chromebook 14 (as per each costs $279.99) with the grant we received the school could spend $167,400 on the student’s chromebooks. On the staff we would be spending $8,370, giving us an extra $24,000 to spend. We could put that extra money into putting a team of tech savvy students together to have them help the school with an I.T. kind of program. With the given option, I would heavily recommend that we make a move for the 1:1 initiative.

All in all, computers nowadays are everywhere and we use them all the time, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Computers are a necessity now, students should really take the time to familiarize themselves with computers, the internet, and all technology has to offer. Which can only further their education, and help broaden their minds.



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