Google has released a more advanced and slightly more complex version of gmail, it’s called Google Inbox. Inbox  has added multiple new features that gmail doesn’t do. Such as a snooze setting on emails so you are sure to see it again to remind yourself of an assignment. Reminders so you can remember to turn something in or email a teacher or other student. Also a concept of marking emails as “done” so they don’t take up space in your inbox. Google also added a “pin” function to make sure it’s at the top of your list of emails. However there are some features of gmail that are missing, like the “mark as (un)read” function. But to me it isn’t that much of a big deal.


Furthermore, with any new bit of tech or anything there will always be some frustrations and some reliefs. In terms of Inbox for me personally I find the layout of the side bar to be a little different but it’s something to accustom to as well as the “mark as done” function but, it’s something to get used to. Once you are used to these knew features, they really some in handy. For instance I really enjoy the reminder and snooze setting, I often take advantage of it since I am consistently on my email, checking for assignments, trying to stay with my classes.


All in all, I genuinely appreciate Google Inbox’s organization oriented layout and the overall handle of it. Especially for organizational purposes as well as keeping up with assignments. For educational purposes Inbox is a really great thing that will help both teachers and students in my opinion. So I would highly recommend it.


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