Always wanted a treehouse. Now I have one.

So call me an over achiever, but I was the first one finished with the digital literacy track  and to be completely honest I really really like Treehouse. And treehouse for those of who don’t know is a brilliant way for people that are looking into seeing how computers work, as well as the internet and a lot of other things that are computer related I highly recommend the courses. The courses are broken into a series of videos and quizzes as well as challenges.

The overall set up alone makes the student, such as myself feel engaged and actually feel like I’m learning. A draw back is that sometimes the a course can be a little slow, because they are so broken down and thoroughly explained, which is nice in a lot of areas especially while learning binary, and javascript.

All in all, I really enjoyed this experience and found it to be very useful considering the career I’m looking to go into.


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