Nothing Beats the Second Week

So this was my second week being a part of the Cane Tech Squad, and I’m still loving it. I believe it was Tuesday there was a problem with a desktop tower, and we had to replace the RAM in a sense, just took the parts out and put them back in. I was overly excited, but on the outside I kept my poise and professionalism, but on the inside I was bouncing off the walls. I jumped at the chance to do it. It was really just awesome. But there’s still an issue with students failing to keep their chromebooks charged. It’s kind of ridiculous, earlier this week we had so many chromebooks charging during 6th period, and we didn’t have any loaners to give out for the time being. We got a loaner back for about five minutes then we gave it away. So, seriously don’t forget to charge your chromebook!

Aside from that, it was a really nice week, I did my first app review for this blog and it was pretty cool. I even have a new app to use to keep track of assignments.


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