First of Many… Blogs

So, the first week of my first week of being on the clock at the Cane Tech Squad actually went rather well. It wasn’t nearly as hectic as I had originally thought, most of the issues we have had to deal with was issuing loaners (the chrome books with the totally rad bright green cases) because people have an issue keeping their chrome books charged. Which makes it frustrating because we have a limited number of loaners to give out so we may not be able to give a loaner to someone that seriously needs it. Whilst on the subject of loaners I did get to set up two new loaners for Mr. Reed which was great! However; there has only been one cracked screen that needed to be replaced, but not by me or anyone else in the 6th period help desk. But it was in the office of a little while and it looked pretty bad.

Also, obviously I have been working on this blog this week. But I’m not going to lie, it’s been a little slow lately, which isn’t a complaint, it’s actually showing that we as a student body are responsible young adults that are able to take care of the vital pieces of equipment for our education. Furthermore, the few issues that we did deal with was with a site not being able to load a certain page properly, and all we needed to do was to restart the chrome book.

I am looking forward to fixing as many problems as I possibly can for all of you.


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